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4 Best WordPress Hosting 2022

Website hosting is service that offers user transfer their website from local host to internet or live server. Are special type of computers that connect to internet every time and provide space then user are called servers. When anyone searches about for website give website address or domain name to browser, and your personal computer connects to live server internet, and your website is shown on computer screen. Now I will tell you about the types of hosting.

1: Shared Hosting

2: VPS Hosting

3: Dedicated Hosting

4: Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting:

Basic web hosting is shared hosting. In this hosting the sever operates many website at a time and takes a few charges. In this types of hosting, the user gets limited space on server and upload their site. Every user gets some features the server like, FTP Account, Disk space, database and monthly traffic. Mostly shared hosting is used by beginners the first step to hosting. The some companies are providing shared hosting. But is question,

How to Choose best shared hosting Company?

Are some factors to choose hosting Company, Proper package and Rates: The package rates should reasonable and affordable for every customer.

Disk Space and Traffic: When you transfer the website, you want some extra space to add files, code and access to database and media after uploading website. Bandwidth and traffic should Maximum for better results.

Migration of Web: Transfer of web from one server is beneficial process. Many famous hosting companies provide this facility.

Backup Website: Good Companies provide the backup feature in the case of losing web and important data. If any time the servers goes down they still provide backup.

Speedup of Website: Everyone wants to speedup the website, slow website not satisfies the searcher. The speed of web depends on hosting company if server down the website may not work properly.


Hostgator is providing shared hosting. If you want to detail here is link of Hostgator shared hosting: Hostgator

hostgator hosting

hostgator hosting packages

Bluehost: Shared hosting plans of bluehost as follows:

Here is link of Bluehost

VPS Hosting:

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