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How to add Product in WooCommerce

It is very simple to add any product in your WooCommerce Store.

Step 1:

Click on “Product” that is showing at the left bar menu then click on “Add New”. Add the first product of your store by adding its name and description about your product.


Step 2:

In the next step you will enter the regular price and and sale price. Regular days is for normal days and sale price is for specific day its discounted price, date and time can be set for discounted price.

woocommerce  products

Step 3:

Inventory option allows the owner to arrange your stock, update about your and also offers order back automatically. You can also give a number of product to order back.

woocommerce  store

Step 4:

In this menu the weight of Product, length, width, height is added.

Shipping class is used for a similar group of Products.

woocommerce  store

Step 5:

By these sells the owner can advertise his Cross products.


Step 6:

In the Attribute option, New product can be added its details and features are assigned.

woocommerce  settings

Step 7: 

In Purchasing note, The note can be added for customers with good words.

In next, Oder the position of product.

You can mark/unmarked customer’s reviews.


Step 8:

Write short description about the product for viewers and and customers. any media file can be attached.


Now your WooCommerce store is ready for selling products.

woocommerce  store

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