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How to install a free WordPress Theme

Installing Free theme on WordPress is quite easier, Themes change the look and feel of your website. Themes can be selected based on following categories;

  1. Portfolio theme ( For showcasing your projects as an individual or company )
  2. Business Website theme ( A website to showcase all the services your company provides)
  3. Blog theme ( Sharing information or views with your audience )
  4. Online Shopping Store theme ( Selling something on online shop )
  5. Directory Theme ( Providing a multi vendor marketplace )

These are a few popular kind of theme categories, all the website layouts normally care about above mentioned nature. Displaying the content is a choosy task but its readability and presentation will add value to user experience and whether user is interested to read the content or see a messing layout.

Where do we get free and secure WordPress themes ?

There are a ton of free themes available on the internet, not all of them are perfect and secure, For free themes we normally rely on WordPress official repository WordPress Themes . Here you will find over 7000 free WordPress themes, a few tabs for filtering the theme based on its published data , popularity and featured.

A search bar on the right side to search for your specific theme by niche or category like i search for blog in below picture.
install a free WordPress Theme

How to select a free theme

Following are the factors, how you should select a free theme.

  1. Version
  2. Active Installations
  3. Last Updated
  4. Theme’s Home Page
  5. Ratings
  6. Downloads Per Day Graph

Below image highlights all these portions that you should check before selecting a theme of your choice.

install a free WordPress Theme

Version: The version greater than 1.0 means that theme is actively maintained, and the developer is fixing any issue found by the community who used this theme.

Active Installations: How many installations are active for this theme till now on different websites

Last Updated: Shows the strength of the theme, how actively it is maintained, when was the last time this theme was updated, normally theme developers make changes, when a PHP or WordPress version is updated to fix outdated code or template

Theme’s Home Page: Shows a page other than wordpress.org, revealing the fact that theme is owned by certain company who maintains it and also shows if a professional version with more features and options is listed on the website to bought by prospective customers

Ratings: Ho many people have rated this theme and whats the rating level from good to excellence from 1 to 5, showing if theme fulfills its function, the purpose of creation  and solving the particular use-case of making a business website, a store or a blog

Downloads per day: How many copies of theme are being downloaded everyday by different people or websites in the world, shows the usage and of the theme

Now how to install WordPress this theme ?
Please click on this link to have a detailed understanding of Installing the theme on WordPress website, for this you need to login to WordPress admin and goto Appearance > themes click Add New button and you will find themes from wordpress.org categorized under Featured, popular tabs and a search bar, search for you desired theme.
install a WordPress Theme

once you find a theme on dragging your mouse over the theme you will see an install button click it, after installation it will give a button to activate the theme, click activate and your theme is now activated as in below pictures. You can also see a preview of how your website layout will be by clicking on preview button before installation.

Let the theme install , behind the scene it will copy all theme files to wp-cotent\themes directory in your website folder under theme name as below. That’s a directory view from our server using filezilla ftp software just for your understanding
install a free WordPress Theme

Now in WordPress admin, Now just click to activate as below

wordpress theme installation
Still you need help, comment in below section and i will help you in the possible way I can.

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