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How to Install WordPress on Localhost

If in 21st, still you are looking for how to install WordPress on Localhost, it means its worth it. Before installation we must know that WordPress is a CMS. CMS is an abbreviation for Content Management System. So WordPress is a system, a piece of software using which we can manage our content easily.

Since we are creating content, we must need a container which saves our content so that we can access it later and modify,  or present to our public as we want.

Xampp, Wamp are such tool that provide best way to learn Web Development using WordPress. So in this tutorial we are going to install WordPress on top of XAMPP.

What is XAMPP ?

XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use. Xampp can be downloaded on any OS, here is the link Download Link of xampp distributions for various operating systems.

Lets Download it, on going to above link you will see a webpage in browser for Apache Friends, then click on XAMPP for Windows.

After you click Xampp will start downloading, there are a few things to keep in mind while downloading it, either you require it with PHP version 5.6 or higher, the latest xampp comes with PHP version 7.2.12 as shown in screenshot, here the download preview, you can check current download status on bottom of current browser tab,

Once download is complete, and you click it for installation, you will see a prompt to allow xampp to change files on your hard drive. Make sure you click on yes, allowing xampp to copy its files on storage device.

Now next few steps are to choose location where XAMPP will install, most people install it in C drive. But some people who reset their Operating system or refresh windows Installation can install Xampp in any drive other than C. So, its not removed while installing a fresh copies of Windows in future, otherwise all your data of website and databases are lost in the process.

You now need to follow a few steps, once you start installation, in Windows if you see this prompt screen as below.
You need to minimize User Accounts Control settings security, set it to the minimum to allow Xampp for writing files on system, to change settings hit ok on this dialogue box, write Windows Control setting in Windows search box along windows icon at bottom of your screen in taskbar, as below

Click to open, you will get below screen where you have to set it to minimum level and  hit ok button and proceed to Xampp Installation

Now a few more steps, Proceed Next on each step

I am installing Xampp On C drive so, you can choose your desired drive by clicking on right icon on select a folder pane

Keep hitting next button unless the installation begins,

Once installation is complete, you hit the finish button and again search for XAMPP in search bar and open xampp, you will see a Xampp Control panel like this, Here Apache and MySQL are the two servers we need, now your local machine can act both as a client and server at the same time once Apache and MySQL server are running.

Start Apache and MySQL

once you click on start, you will get a prompt to allow these programs to pass through firewall, this is so that these programs can communicate with outer world, crossing inbound and outbound rules for firewall, Allow them access

once done, we are good to go, Now we can begin with WordPress installation.

How to install WordPress?

Go to wordpress.org , here you will see WordPress current version, make sure if you need this new version, click on Get WordPress button at the top right corner as in screenshot below

Download WordPress
Download WordPress

Here WordPress is downloaded at bottom bar of browser, Now click on pointer and click show in folder, extract WordPress and place a copy of WordPress in your xampp’s htdocs directory mine is : C:\xampp\htdocs as in picture below
Install WordPress on Localhost
copied WordPress folder here, Now you can see full structure below
Install WordPress on Localhost
Once, done go back and rename this folder from WordPress to new website, like I renamed as C:\xampp\htdocs\testwordpress, because i am going to access it with “testwordpress” name in my browser, we are 50% done here, now open any browser you have to go to this address: http://localhost/phpmyadmin, lets create a database for this new WordPress website, Go to Databases Section Create a new database, I keep the same names for folder in htdocs and database name so i can easily map them later

Install WordPress on Localhost

write name of new database, so i wrote “testwordpress” and pressed Create button

since an empty database is created, now last step is to run WordPress installtion script, open a new tab in browser and enter this url according to your folder name, mine is testwordpress so i write http://localhost/testwordpress here, you have to provide some configuration details

hit “Let’s Go” button and on screen enter the database name, “testwordpress” in my case, remember at here username of MySQL server are set website admin password in next screen so, username is “root” by default and password is empty, table prefix is WordPress default tables don’t match with same table names created with plugins and security from hacker if they access MySQL server they cannot extract data unless they know tables name so we change wp_ to any string “wptest_” can also be used

Hit Submit and Provide website specific details, Now you are ready for installation, till this point your website folder contians a new file named “wp-config” if not you will get this screen again and again so make sure you provide folder write permission to demon (Apache user)
Install WordPress on Localhost Download WordPress
Cheers! You did it, lets login as admin
Install WordPress on Localhost

If you have installed WordPress it time to explore, are facing issues in installation you ask in comments, Let me help You!

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