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How to Import Demo Content into WordPress theme

Import Demo Content in WordPress

The adjust of layout of a website revealing how the website will look after the data insertion in database. The demo data is just for illustration of the theme templates. This must be replaced by original data of website owner or the company for website is being developed. To sell smartly the products demo data provides understanding of basic building blocks of WordPress theme to user who is entering content, either he delete the content or modify the original data with his own.

Now Question arises how do we import demo content ?

Demo data comes in package when we buy the original theme but importing the demo data is hectic task if you are using some free version of theme. Lets see the two simultaneously.

Importing Demo Data in Free theme:

A few approaches are below:

  • Theme Homepage:

    On WordPress.org when you see a theme, clicking on it takes you to individual page, where you see the company website or theme website supporting that particular theme on WordPress.org. Actively maintaining the website for fixes and regular up-gradations, surfing around you will see the Documentation link on the home page like the below picture:

    wordpress demo content

    Clicking the above link will take you to theme documentation page, now click on documentation page as below

    import demo content in wordpress theme

    Here in the below picture tells us how to importing demo content

    how to import demo content in wordpress theme

    • Look into theme folder

      Some time you don’t find yourself lucky enough to guide with next process look currently activated the folder like mine is C:\xampp\htdocs\websitename\wp-content\themes\curent-theme, make sure the website in the path is the name of you folder, you need to look into folder of your website name and current theme is the name of currently activated theme, to check your current theme, goto Appearance > themes in WordPress Admin Dashboard, you will see folder named demo content as looking into Sydney theme’s folder on my localhost, you will have a similar kind of folder, this shows you theme code also contain demo data to import it, just add new plugin named One Click Demo Import, from plugins > Add New, search for the plugin name, install and activate it. Once done now you can see a new child menu link named “Import Demo Data” under Appearance section in WordPress admin dashboard, click on that, you can provide XML or JSON data file found inside the theme’s nested folder named “Demo-content”, once completed your website will have demo content as mentioned in demo layout on homepage or wordpress.org theme screenshot.

      import demo content

    • Look for template code inside theme folder and figure out the chase:

      Lastly if you are  a WordPress developer, You can open WordPress them folder inside sublime text editor or any other text editor or IDE of your choice. I prefer sublime text, and see what’s the format of templates required by this theme and figure out to add a specific section. If you need a widget or post or page or shortcode, a little experience of WordPress template hierarchy is needed for that, please visit this link for more understanding Template Hierarchy. Still if you cannot figure out just ping me so i can help you in this.

Tip: Make sure when you install a new theme, check the option named install plugins under Appearance menu link of WordPress dashboard, or if some plugins are required for theme’s perfect functionality , you need to install them, also being shown in WordPress admin dashboard page as notifications.

Importing Demo Data in Paid themes:

Importing demo data in WordPress based paid is relatively easier. You just need to install and activate the themes, as soon as new theme is activated wizard will appear on admin dashboard for asking to setup the full website. Installation of plugins is required as described in Tip section above. This, and asks for add demo content, just complete the wizard with good options selected. And make sure given write permission to wp-content/uploads folder other wise apache user will not able create images files inside this upload folder for importing all the demo content.

Tip: Sometimes while installing theme, or uploading demo content file or while importing the demo content. See some errors like max-execution time reached or max-file upload-size errors. Make sure you increase values of variables form php.ini file inside your working PHP directory

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